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Unicorn Kingdom

The $1 Trillion
Unicorn Kingdom

The UK is the world’s third largest tech economy. It has more tech unicorns than France and Germany combined. Valued at over $1 trillion and rising, it follows the United States and China as a global tech superpower.

Why the UK

Driven by an enduring spirit of innovation, the UK is a place with all the right ingredients for tech success. It’s a place which breeds unicorns and continues to fuel their growth through a unique combination of world-class talent, agile regulation and a focus on global expansion.

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The UK has the largest tech economy in Europe, and third largest in the world

We’ve produced more unicorns than France and Germany combined

Over 160 + unicorns took their first steps in the United Kingdom

Hear from the experts

“The UK has an incredible pipeline of future unicorns across all sectors. From AI to Fintech to areas of deep science.”

Saul Klein, Managing Partner at Phoenix Court, home to LocalGlobe, Latitude, Basecamp and Solar

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in Manchester or Cambridge or London. There are groups of people who are growing their companies really really fast. And I love the tribe that creates.”

Sherry Coutu CBE, CEO, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

“I’ve run companies in the UK and France and I can say from direct experience the UK creates a far better environment to scale companies.”

Mike Tuchen, CEO, Onfido

Discover the unicorns

Explore a selection of UK unicorns using with up-to-date analytics and metrics.


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The UK’s GREAT Unicorns and Futurecorns

The Unicorn Kingdom is home to such a wide range of Unicorns and Futurecorns that no single statue could easily represent the dynamism and continual growth of its thriving tech scene. The Ever-Changing Statue subverts the traditional form and function of a static, historically commemorative statue to celebrate the constantly evolving future of UK tech.

Anne Boden MBE

Starling Bank, Founder

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Tessa Clarke

Olio, CEO & Co-Founder

View more

Greg Jackson

Octopus Energy Group, CEO & Founder

View more

Samantha Kempe

IMMO, Co-Founder and CIO

View more

Alexander Kent-Braham

Marshmallow, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

View more

Oliver Kent-Braham

Marshmallow, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

View more

Rishi Khosla OBE

OakNorth, CEO & Co-Founder

View more

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram

Proximie, CEO & Founder

View more

Vishal Marria

Quantexa, CEO & Founder

View more

Russell Sloan

Kainos, CEO

View more

Peter Smith, CEO & Co-Founder

View more

Paul Taylor

Thought Machine, CEO & Founder

View more

Mike Tuchen

Onfido, CEO

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Dr Ilana Wisby

Oxford Quantum Circuits, CEO & Founder

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Invest in the Unicorn Kingdom

The UK has a thriving ecosystem of cutting edge-technology and ground breaking innovation thanks to its huge talent pool and forward thinking ambition. A leader in several tech sectors such as Fintech, Biotech and AI, It’s an exciting time to invest in the UK, and it’s only growing by the day.

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Live and work in the UK

There are many reasons to move to the UK – from exciting opportunities across innovative industries and world-class education offerings, to prioritising a better and more rewarding work-life balance.

Work in the UK Tech Industry