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GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign

We are a nation of creative thinkers, daring dreamers and curious scientists

A place where fresh ideas and unique perspectives are welcomed, and where exploration and curiosity pave the way for progress.

The GREAT Campaign

​The GREAT Campaign showcases the very best of the UK, inspiring the world to collaborate, visit, study, live, work and do business here.

Join us and see things differently.

Our Stories

The GREAT Campaign has proudly showcased the best of the UK on the world stage for over a decade. We share the stories of the people and places that make our country unique – from bold breakthroughs and twists on tradition, to the fresh perspectives that challenge convention and stimulate progress.

GREAT minds are always open to new ideas
Great teams celebrate difference
GREAT stories need epic backdrops
GREAT designers dress to kill
GREAT characters keep evolving
GREAT sustainability gives more than it takes
GREAT culture gets everyone dancing
GREAT innovation creates superheros
GREAT culture has many languages
GREAT moments make you look up
GREAT breakthroughs are made faster
GREAT futures need bold commitments
GREAT technology reimagines our world