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GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign

We are a nation of creative thinkers, daring dreamers and curious scientists

A place where fresh ideas and unique perspectives are welcomed, and where exploration and curiosity pave the way for progress.

The GREAT Campaign

The GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign is the UK’s international communications programme. It enhances the UK’s global reputation and drives economic growth by encouraging international audiences to visit, study, trade, invest, live and work in the UK.

GREAT is one of the world’s most impactful nation branding and marketing initiatives, providing the UK government’s international network with a high-quality, consistent brand used by 26 government departments and arms-length bodies. It successfully promotes the UK’s strengths in 164 countries, delivering a return on investment of 15:1.

Our story

GREAT’s story began in the run-up to the London Olympics, Paralympics, and Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee when the eyes of the world were on the UK. These events provided an enormous opportunity to showcase the UK on the world stage, calling for a singular, compelling voice for all the nations.

Since then, GREAT has generated £7 billion in returns to the UK economy and evolved to include a broad range of private sector partners (such as The Premier League, British Airways, the British Fashion Council, HSBC, and the BBC), a network of international embassies and consulates, and campaign partners within multiple government departments. In the last year alone, through this network, GREAT delivered over £900 million in foreign direct investment, £548 million in additional expenditure from international students, £210 million in additional expenditure from international tourism, and over £90 million in export wins for UK companies.

With thousands of campaigns and activations across the globe each year, GREAT captures the unique energy of the UK’s diverse, creative, and innovative makeup, encouraging the world to see things from fresh perspectives. Showcasing stories from all corners of the UK positions us as the catalyst for new possibilities.

Join us and see things differently.

GREAT minds are always open to new ideas
Great teams celebrate difference
GREAT stories need epic backdrops
GREAT designers dress to kill
GREAT characters keep evolving
GREAT sustainability gives more than it takes
GREAT culture gets everyone dancing
GREAT innovation creates superheros
GREAT culture has many languages
GREAT moments make you look up
GREAT breakthroughs are made faster
GREAT futures need bold commitments
GREAT technology reimagines our world