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At Proximie, their mission is to make surgery more accessible, efficient and effective for everyone. Through cutting-edge, cloud-based technology, they open-up surgery beyond traditional operating room boundaries. Their focus on transparency is achieved through seamless data access and knowledge-sharing.

The Proximie platform serves as a connectivity hub for the modern operating room, facilitating telepresence, content and data management. It provides real-time insights for clinical teams, administrators, educators, trainees, tech companies and medical device vendors, offering a single, reliable source of truth.

Built around video, audio and data capture, Proximie can be applied to many scenarios from remote collaboration during surgery to post-procedural reviews from your library. It efficiently collects and organises data sources within the operating room, ensuring a cohesive and integrated experience.

For peerless security and customisation, they offer “private cloud” access to the Proximie infrastructure, along with an SDK for flexible integration and agile control.

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