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At the forefront of the AI revolution, Graphcore has built a new processor – the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) – specifically designed for artificial intelligence. The IPU’s unique architecture lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next advances in machine intelligence.

This is set to be transformative across all industries and sectors, with a real potential for positive societal impact – from drug discovery and disaster recovery to decarbonisation. Notable investors in the company include Sequoia Capital, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, Bosch, BMW, Fidelity, M&G, Schroders and many other leading institutions. 

While proudly based in Bristol – a UK city with a history of innovation in the semiconductor industry – Graphcore also has offices in Cambridge and London. This close proximity to some of the world’s leading universities provides both a field of talent and cutting-edge research and development capabilities. There are also Graphcore offices across Europe, the USA and Asia.


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