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Launched in the UK in 2012, is one of the world’s leading business-to-business financial technology firms. It has raised more than $1.8 billion in funding since 2019, from a global base of investors supporting its ongoing growth. 

Founder and CEO, Guillaume Pousaz, was first attracted to London (where the business remains headquartered) due to the tech and engineering talent it offered. Combined with the UK’s pro-innovation policy environment, and its status as one of the world’s biggest eCommerce markets, this made it the ideal springboard for expansion into new markets. has grown to a global team of 2,000 staff across 21 offices, spanning the US, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia Pacific. In every region’s payment solutions support enterprise-scale businesses, including Netflix and Pizza Hut, to accept payments from their customers in 150+ currencies, and move funds to them in over 100 currencies.

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