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OakNorth Bank

OakNorth Bank

Launched in September 2015, OakNorth is transforming how entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing them with access to much-needed credit and personalised banking services.

Through leveraging data and analytics, OakNorth applies larger company lending strategies to smaller and mid-size growth companies (USD1 to 100m revenue) with big ambitions, helping them expand and innovate.

It uses a granular, data-driven and forward-looking approach to develop an in-depth understanding of different industries and businesses, allowing it to support this large, yet often ignored and underserved market segment.

To date, OakNorth has lent over £10bn, directly contributing to the creation of more than 40,000 new jobs and 29,000 new homes across the UK.

Its customers include well-known brands such as Arora Group, Deliciously Ella, Sticks n Sushi, Beaverbrook, Third Space, Staycity and The Heartwood Collection. It supports businesses across a variety of sectors from healthcare and specialist education, to hospitality and leisure, and SME housebuilding.

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